Hi! My name is Cong!

Unlike a lot of wanderlusters, I did not grow up traveling. My family would take the odd trip here and there, but it wasn’t until I went on a couple of trips myself did I fall in love with it. I guess I will start off by telling you a bit about myself! I moved away for university when I graduated high school. I wanted to live away from home and for some reason McGill University in Montreal, Canada has been my dream school since grade 11. So that is where I spent four years of my life, it was a part of my life I’ll never forget. In my last year of university, I went with an organization at school called “Medlife” to volunteer with a mobile clinic in Lima, Peru and the surrounding areas. But it wasn’t until the summer of 2013, when I decided to book random trips to Europe and then a trip to SouthEast Asia did I develop an insatiable desire to wander.

 I love the different cultures, the food, the amazing people I meet, and just how exciting it is to not know what to expect of your day and be amazed by everything that happens. I booked these trips to “get traveling out of my system” so that I could go back to school (which I thought was what I wanted to do) and settle down with a career (which is what I thought I should do), little did I know these trips only lit a fire to a never ending journey that I am on! I want to share what I have learned while traveling in the cities that I have been to. I do a lot of research before my trips and I can tell you even if a review or guidebook tells you that you “MUST SEE” something…that you should skip it or if I have “must sees” I will definitely write everything here. I can’t tell you how many time I have gone somewhere a guidebook tells me I must visit and I just sit there wondering “why the heck did they recommend this and why does it look NOTHING like the picture they showed?!”. 

As well, I will provide the right directions to get to places that are hard to find because I really dislike getting directions that don’t work! I do love guidebooks, but you cannot really trust them completely…A trusty source has told me that restaurants or companies that are wealthy will pay guidebooks to put “stars” beside their business and make them must-sees. My goal is to provide simple guides so that you can read through and gather ideas on what to do on your trip quickly, we all sometimes (most of the time) plan trips last minute and it’s not fun spending relaxing time on the beach speed reading novels are most guide books. Lastly, I am surprised when I find a gem of a thing to do in a city and it’s not in the guidebook. I find the best way to discover these is to speak to locals. I really hope you can use these tips on your travels!